From the Point of a Sword

Sometimes I wake up content, to be female, while others are spent trying to hide my lack of the male physicality in male-gender-affiliated clothing. Sometimes I will say I am Gender fluid, when it is important, but no-one asks.

Sometimes I can feel things that aren't there just as I can see them, make them.

Sometimes I write poetry, sometimes stories, sometimes drawings, sometimes songs, sometimes ideals, sometimes photographs, and sometimes I get frustrated that no one else finds the rain when I do. I never think no one else can, never think I am different to the point that others can't be like this, never believe that there is something wrong with me in relevance to what is wrong around me. I don't think about the future, not even tomorrow. I admittedly think about yesterday and days that seemed better or worse. I absolutely never, never, ever think about today... I'd rather live it sometimes.

My name is Shaun when I'm not in drag, and Jude Lawless when in drag. I am a striving drag king, photographer, singer/songwriter, poet, social justice nut, and lover. I like questions and comments, so please reach out and try your luck. I don't bite without permission.
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